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CLHEP Update, master branch (2023.01.10.)

Updated all (relevant) projects to CLHEP_2_4_1_3_atl04. This is to address the problem raised in ATLINFR-4682, that the patched version of CLHEP never made it from 22.0 into master. 😦

@jchapman, @elmsheus, I would propose to do it like this. No need to make the changes in atlas/atlasexternals directly.

Note that I didn't use either full-build or full-unit-tests. The changes between CLHEP_2_4_1_3_atl03 (which we currently use in master) and CLHEP_2_4_1_3_atl04 are quite minimal. (atlas-sw-git/CLHEP@CLHEP_2_4_1_3_atl03...CLHEP_2_4_1_3_atl04) An incremental build should be perfectly capable of dealing with it. 🤞

Edited by Attila Krasznahorkay

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