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add VrtSecInclusive vertices to DAOD_PHYSVAL and validation plots to NTUP_PHYSVAL

Jackson Carl Burzynski requested to merge jburzyns/athena:VSI-PhysVal into master

This MR adds two secondary vertex collection to DAOD_PHYSVAL

  • VrtSecInclusive_SecondaryVertices: nominal configuration of the VrtSecInclusive inclusive secondary vertex reconstruction algorithm optimized for hadronic decays of long-lived particles
  • VrtSecInclusive_SecondaryVertices_LeptonsMod_LRTR3_1p0: additional configuration of the VrtSecInclusive algorithm optimized for leptonic decays of long-lived particles

Additionally, functionality is added to the package InDetSecVertexValidation to automate the production of vertex distributions for physics validation. A new flag doLLPSecVtx is added which steers this code, e.g. --CA --validationFlags doLLPSecVtx --inputDAOD_PHYSVALFile DAOD_PHYSVAL.test.pool.root --outputNTUP_PHYSVALFile NTUP_PHYSVAL.root

cc: @benhoob

Edited by Jackson Carl Burzynski

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