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FTAG: Adding support in Athena for Gn1 Aux tasks

Nilotpal Kakati requested to merge nkakati/athena:gn1_aux into 23.0

Can support multiple output types for the onnx models -

  • float
  • vec<float>
  • vec<char>

Introducing GNNConfig::Config

  • The goal is to eventually get rid of lwtnn dependency.
  • Right now, we look at GNNConfig::Config for creating the decorators. (Will include configs for accessors as well in future)

  • Decorators are created from reading the outputs of the onnx model and not from the metadata as before
  • (In future, it can be extended for the accessors as well)

Changes to the model output format

  • Previous models were returning pb, pc, pu scores as vec<float> (of length 1). We had to extract the first element and then decorate it as a float
  • The new models return the exact type it needs to be decorated as. so float for pb, vec<char> for track_class etc.
  • Everything is figured out from the onnx model directly, and it doesn't require to read the metadata for it anymore.

Backward compatibility is assured!

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