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Externals Update, master branch (2023.01.24.)

Updated all projects to atlasexternals-2.0.148. The changes wrt. atlasexternals-2.0.147 are (atlasexternals@2.0.147...2.0.148):

  • Updated CheckerGccPlugins with the following (thanks to @ssnyder):
    • Various cleanups/fixes. Updates for gcc13.
    • Remove code for ctor/dtor attribute workaround that was needed for gcc versions prior to 10.
    • We special-case a number of methods, allowing them to be overridden with inconsistent threading attributes. This is used for things like the Gaudi initialize() and finalize() methods. Change to get this list from the configuration file rather than a hard-coded list.
    • Add new warning: passing a pointer member from a const member function to a non-const pointer argument.
  • Updated lwtnn to version 2.13 (thanks to @dguest);
  • Added Findgl2ps.cmake to AtlasLCG (to fix ATLINFR-4819, as mentioned below).

At the same time updated all projects that use ROOT from an LCG release to find and set up libgl2ps for their runtime environment. Since ROOT in modern LCG releases depends on that library. This is to fix ATLINFR-4819, where we ran into this library not being properly set up for CentOS 9. (But even on CentOS 7 we also only succeed to run so far because an ABI compatible version of this library is picked up from /usr at runtime.)

The CheckerGccPlugins and lwtnn updates warrant full-build and full-unit-tests on this MR unfortunately.

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