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Add linear extrapolation in old charge calibration (ATLASRECTS-7337)

Soshi Tsuno requested to merge stsuno/athena:atlasrects-7337.v2 into 23.0

Mainly, there are two changes.

  1. adding the functionality of the linear extrapolation also in the old pixel charge calibration. (default: false)
  2. change /PIXEL/PixCalib/ to /PIXEL/ChargeCalibration/ also in the old pixel charge calibration.

For (1), the default is false. Thus, no impact at all for this MR. In the time of the reprocessing of RUN1/RUN2 data, it will be activated.

For (2), the new format /PIXEL/ChargeCalibration also keeps contents from /PIXEL/PixCalib/. The /PIXEL/PixCalib/ is obsoleted and it is not practical any more to maintain because maintaining both folders simply leads double burden.

Supposing the contents in both conditions DB are identical used in this CI test, the results should be identical.

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