Use ConfigFlags to read stream for Run-2 Data Scouting, not MetaReader

Fix stream reading. I downloaded a run 2 data scouting file to test:


and found that the metadata reading must have broken at some point:

Py:MetaReaderPeeker WARNING Input files not set ConfigFlags.Input.Files. Falling back to the legacy way of obtaining input file names
Py:Athena            INFO using release [WorkDir-23.0.16] [x86_64-centos7-gcc11-opt] [nightly/master/2023-02-08T2101/9c085ef43b9] -- built on [2023-02-09T1753]
Py:MetaReader        INFO Current mode used: peeker
Py:MetaReader        INFO Current filenames: ['RDO.pool.root']
Py:MetaReader     WARNING Ignoring not accessible file: RDO.pool.root

i.e. it isn't reading in the file properly. I had a quick look at the MetaReader code but (apart from the global ConfigFlags import) don't see why this is going wrong. Anyway, I updated it to just use the TriggerStream from ConfigFlags.

Additionally, I updated the TriggerRecoConfig test to use Run 1, Run 2 and Run 3 data. For this I had to add a Run 1 file to TestDefaults.

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