Update central JES configs to R22 prerecs

Merged Teng Jian Khoo requested to merge khoo/athena:JetAnalysisAlgs-R22Recs into master

As a public service, switching the CP algs to the R22 Phase-I recommendations. This sets the same for FullSim and FastSim (we don't actually have a string/source for AFIII as opposed to AFII) since no special FastSim one exists, but I thought it might be preferable to keeping the R21 AFII.

I also went ahead and updated the "AnalysisLatest" calib config that JetRecConfig can pick up. I noticed, however, that the derivation jet building still configures T0 rather than replacing with AnalysisLatest. Would we not rather use the latter already for DAOD_PHYS?

Labelling with Derivations because the CP alg change affects PHYSLITE, besides the question above.

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