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Draft: Clean up unused and obsolete calibration configs from JetCalibToolsConfig

Teng Jian Khoo requested to merge khoo/athena:JetCalibToolsConfig-cleanup into master

I started to (aggressively) remove calibration configs that are not actually used in athena (reco/trigger). It's conceivable that I am missing analysis use cases where the code is called externally, but it's not possible to determine those, and in any case I only removed configurations that seem unlikely to still be relevant (even if they are the last recommendation for that collection).

Notably, I don't see any references to the RScan collections and we haven't supported LCTopo in a while. Likewise I believe AntiKt4GPFlow was short-lived and we reverted the name -- but I might be a bit hazy on this one.

I am very surprised that the 'TrigUngroomed' option refers to Rscan from 2012! This is not a recommended trigger, but maybe we should even take steps to phase it out -- @cantel, @xingguo?

Also I'm not super happy about how the HLLHC context is handled -- would be better to go to the source and replace 'TO' by 'HLLHC' there for clarity, otherwise one can't determine where these HLLHC jets are being built.

Last consideration -- should we make the CP alg configs actually use JetCalibToolsConfig such that we only need to write the recommendation down in one place?

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