Migrated couning algs in MinBias to CA

Merged Tomasz Bold requested to merge tbold/athena:master-ca-of-mb-track-counting into master

As the title says, some more algs are now CA configure with this MR. tested with: test_trig_data_v1lowMu_build.py Config diff:

Run with arguments:
confTool.py --diff oldcfg.pkl cfg.pkl
Step 1: reference file #components: 14484
Step 2: file to check  #components: 14484
Differences in components Settings in 1st file Settings in 2nd file
Component PerfMonMTSvc may differ
        wallTimeOffset =  1677740000000.0  vs  1677750000000.0   <<
   but all are suppressed by renaming/known differences/...

Histograms diff:

rootcomp.py old-expert-monitoring.root expert-monitoring.root
Command    : rootcomp.py old-expert-monitoring.root expert-monitoring.root

Reference  : old-expert-monitoring.root
File       : expert-monitoring.root
Comparison : BIN-BY-BIN (1.0e-06)
Ignored histograms: Unpck$, BufFreeCnt$, CalEvtSize$, /TIME_, /athenaHLT.*/.*Time$, HltEventLoopMgr/.*Time.*, HltEventLoopMgr/PopScheduler.*, MessageSvc/MessageCount, TrigSignatureMoni/.*Rate, TrigOpMonitor/GeneralOpInfo, TrigOpMonitor/IOVDb.*, TrigOpMonitor/.*
ReadTime, TrigOpMonitor/.*BytesRead, HLTFramework/ROBDataProviderSvc, HLTFramework/SchedulerMonSvc, HLTSeeding/Random

Total histograms compared: 2032
Missing references: 0
Matching histograms: 2032
Different histograms: 0
Ignored histograms: 152

FI: @kciesla

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