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Improving track reconstruction efficiency for high pT muons

Noemi Calace requested to merge ncalace/athena:master-testing-branch into master

This MR addresses ATLIDTRKCP-434

It includes:

  • Pattern recognition changes for ITk: use of pattern covariance (based on cluster width) for all clusters, and using a number of clusters on module <= than the number of allowed clusters per module.
  • Seeding changes for ITk: changes in space points grid binning used in seed formation, changes to the seed confirmation, and in the maximum distance between middle and bottom space points.
  • Increase in number of surface candidates returned by the SCT_OverlapDescriptor for ITk detector elements.

Additionally, I have rewritten the DiscOverlapDescriptor and updated the configuration of the minimum pT cut for the ITkTrackClusterAssValidation.

Changes are discussed in

No differences are expected for Run2-3 reconstruction tests, while they are expected for Run-4.

We should keep an eye on CPU increases as well.

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