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Restructuring the CA MetaData Configuration

The goal of this MR is to remove all (with some exceptions) of the MetaData related configuration bits out of the main OutputStreamConfig. Then, each job/skeleton can configure whatever MetaData that particular workflow wants to write out independently. So, after this MR is accepted:

  • Merely configuring OutputStreamConfig will not magically add any MetaData to the output file,
  • Each job/workflow needs to add InfileMetaDataCfg in the dedicated steering/skeleton.

Once we have this in, we can start about making things more modular (i.e. split InfileMetaDataCfg into dedicated bits etc.), configuring items/components more "elegantly" (perhaps through flags and/or other means).

cc: @gemmeren @maszyman @mnowak

Edited by Alaettin Serhan Mete

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