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Draft: Implementation of additional eFEX L1 Topo under the INVM_DPHI_eEMsl6 algorithm + chains in Dev Menu

Marco Montella requested to merge mmontell/athena:Menu_eFEX_Topo into master

This MR tracks the implementation of the following Phase 1 L1 Topo Items, as discussed in ATR-21637:

MenuItem('L1_DPHI12-M70-2eEM9M').setLogic(d.TOPO_0INVM70_0DPHI12_eEM9sm1_eEM9sm6 & physcond)
MenuItem('L1_DPHI12-M70-2eEM12M').setLogic(d.TOPO_0INVM70_0DPHI12_eEM12sm1_eEM12sm6 & physcond)
MenuItem('L1_DPHI12-M70-2eEM15M').setLogic(d.TOPO_0INVM70_0DPHI12_eEM15sm1_eEM15sm6 & physcond)

Targeting the boosted low-mass diPhoton signature.

Current status is:

Working, aside from the 2eEM12M version, due to eEM12 not being among the listed thresholds for eFEX.


@rgugel as L1 Menu practices are not my forte, I am not sure if this current implementation would actually have the new algorithms running at P1 from the get go or not. Just to clarify, that is NOT what I want at the moment, I'm only interested in introducing these algorithm to the Menu so that they can be evaluated for rate in the next reprocessings.

Also tagging @lidiaz and @astruebi on the Menu side

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