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Update pixel parameter for mc23a/c (ATLASRECTS-7461)

Soshi Tsuno requested to merge stsuno/athena:atlasrects-7461.v2 into master

Add new parameter set for mc23c for 2023 operation.

In addition, update complete parameter set for mc23a for 2022 operation, since current 2022 pixel simulation setting is based on the best guess that was made in 2021 (before actual data taking).

Main updates are

  • radiation damage fluence (based on data 2022, it will be more precise estimate)
  • bias voltage setting (L1 and L2 bias voltage is updated)
  • timing simulation (update from the 2022 timing scan data)

Toward for 2023 mc setting, ToT and analog threshold to be determined soon. Potentially, requires one more update.

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