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Add sTGC pad charge sharing

Alexandre Laurier requested to merge alaurier/athena:sTGC_Pad_Sharing into 23.0

Add charge sharing on sTGC pads using parameterized function obtained from data.

The charge sharing assumes a symmetrical 2D gaussian charge distribution on the pads and calculates the cumulative charge fraction past a given coordinate to find the fraction of charge on the nearby neighbouring pad. Parameterization to data and method last discussed in STG DQ meeting.

There is a general concern that the sTGC reconstruction may need to be modified to accommodate multiple pads per hit, e.g. by pad clustering, or adjusting the segment making or in the general fitting algorithms. As far as I can tell, the current algorithms would simply create more possible candidates instead of using multiple pads to create a better candidate. As such, until we are sure that reconstruction will work nominally with pad sharing, I defined the use of charge sharing as a config to be called in the job options with default doPadSharing = false, i.e no charge sharing.

This MR needs to be accepted quickly or assigned to someone else.

Current MR with doPadSharing = false will not effect tests, but turning it on will. MR changes the pad dimensions for a more precise calculation. The pad dimensions are used in reconstruction to assign pads to segments and tracks so I expect some tests to fail.

Pinging @chchau @estel @pscholer @jojungge

Following the latest branching of 23.0 from master, this MR should now target 23.0 and be swept into master. This MR contains necessary features for the performance of the NSW in Run 3.

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