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Clean up sTGC Segments and RIO on tracks

Alexandre Laurier requested to merge alaurier/athena:sTGC_SegmentOnTracks into 23.0

Improve the accuracy of the sTGC segment and RIO on track association. To do so, we apply a logical cut to make sure that the segment passes through the active area of the sTGC.

Another important change is the improved pad width calculation that allows for pads to be better associated to tracks in order to reduce the low pad efficiency along the pad segmentation lines, as first discussed here (warning this url will load very slowly) and most recently here. The low efficiency lines for pads along segmentation lines are now much more dim and barely visible. An underlying problem seems to persist, but I did not identify it in the muon segment making or the muon Hough algorithms. The main cause was an underestimated pad width that meant that segments near pad borders were not correctly matched to the given pad.

This MR also takes care of not adding sTGC wires in the inner Q1 module in the RIO and segment on track association. These wires are not read out, so hits / segments in these regions should not be associated to a wire. The effect is also visible between the 2 linked presentations above, where the results with this MR now show no inner Q1 wires, as expected. Most importantly, this MR fixes the underlying issue causing these incorrect wires on tracks and means that this positive change is propagated in the full reconstruction chain.

This MR needs to be accepted quickly or assigned to someone else for updates.

Following the latest branching of 23.0 from master, this MR should now target 23.0 and be swept into master. This MR contains necessary features for the performance of the NSW in Run 3.

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