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TrigJetMon: Copy before jet matching, redefine large-R L1 jet matching, and enable Tier0 HLT mon for jets (ATLASRECTS-7168 ATR-27980 ATR-26076)


  • Make copy of HLT and offline jets for offline monitoring. This is to prevent the original jet collections from being decorated with monitoring variables.
  • At same time, redefined the HLT large-R jet collection configured for large-R L1 jet matching to our primary HLT large-R jet collection, instead of trimmed large-R jets.


  • Only affects TIER0 HLT jet monitoring.
  • Officially enables Tier0 monitoring for jets.
  • Changes L1 LR jets matched to large-R HLT jets distributions: HLT_AntiKt10EMPFlowCSSKSoftDropBeta100Zcut10Jets_jes_ftf replaces HLT_AntiKt10LCTopoTrimmedPtFrac4SmallR20Jets_jes-- relevant for large-R gFEX, where Tier0 monitoring reference very out of date anyway.

Note: L1 jets are not copied first so are still decorated directly. However, the decorations appear to not be written out, at least in the q449 test.

Edited by Claire Antel

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