Add configuration code to test G4Region changes discussed in ATLASSIM-6426

Merged John Derek Chapman requested to merge jchapman/athena:ATLASSIM-6426_PostInclude_23.0 into 23.0

Adding a new CA-based preInclude: SimuJobTransforms.G4Optimizations.WoodcockTrackingInEMEC, which activates Woodcock tracking in the EMEC rather than EMECPara G4Region.

Adding a new CA-based postInclude: SimuJobTransforms.G4Optimizations.PostIncludeTweakPhysicsRegionsCfg, which drops the BeamPipe::SectionF198 and BeamPipe::SectionF199 volumes from the DeadMaterial G4Region (used by the "DeadMaterialShower" fast sim model), to avoid a clash with the BeampipeFwdCut G4Region (used by the "BeamPipeKiller" fast sim model). See full discussion in ATLASSIM-6426.

These functions will allow the above changes to be checked by physics validation, before we decide whether to make the revised configuration the default.

Example command using the new functions: \
    --CA \
    --multithreaded \
    --conditionsTag 'default:OFLCOND-MC21-SDR-RUN3-07' \
    --simulator 'FullG4MT_QS' \
    --postInclude 'PyJobTransforms.UseFrontier,SimuJobTransforms.G4Optimizations.PostIncludeTweakPhysicsRegionsCfg' \
    --preInclude 'EVNTtoHITS:Campaigns.MC23aSimulationMultipleIoV,SimuJobTransforms.G4Optimizations.WoodcockTrackingInEMEC' \
    --geometryVersion 'default:ATLAS-R3S-2021-03-01-00' \
    --inputEVNTFile "/cvmfs/" \
    --outputHITSFile "test.CA.HITS.pool.root" \
    --maxEvents 50 \
    --jobNumber 1 \
    --postExec 'with open("ConfigSimCA.pkl", "wb") as f:' \
    --imf False

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