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ParticleCaloExtension for HLT PFlow: Enabling change of STEP propagator tolerance

Ondrej Theiner requested to merge otheiner/athena:otheiner_change_tolerance into 23.0
  • Allowing to configure parameter "tolerance" in track extrapolation to study optimal setting for CPU savings
  • Default value of tolerance is unchanged, so this MR should not affect any results. It just gives us possibility to test optimal value of the tolerance, which is the parameter that has direct effect on the precision of the extrapolation but most importantly also on the CPU resources which we want to optimise
  • Adding new flag ConfigFlags.Trigger.Jet.PFlowTolerance which allows to set the tolerance and changing extrapolator to (newly added) HLT_PFlowExtrapolator which allows to configure tolerance
  • This change only affects HLT PFlow reco
Edited by Ondrej Theiner

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