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B-physics trigger: add noringer version for BeeX (ATR-27201)

Vladimir Lyubushkin requested to merge lyubushk/athena:bBee into 23.0

Add noringer version of BK*ee chains to Dev_pp_run3_v1, needed to estimate the impact of the new egamma ringer tune, see ATR-27189:

  • HLT_e5_lhvloose_noringer_bBeeM6000_L1BKeePrimary
  • HLT_2e5_lhvloose_noringer_bBeeM6000_L1BKeePrimary
  • HLT_e5_lhvloose_noringer_bBeeM6000_L1BKeePrescaled
  • HLT_2e5_lhvloose_noringer_bBeeM6000_L1BKeePrescaled
  • HLT_e5_lhvloose_noringer_bBeeM6000_L1All
  • HLT_2e5_lhvloose_noringer_bBeeM6000_L1All
  • HLT_e5_lhvloose_noringer_bBeeM6000_L1EM22VHI
  • HLT_2e5_lhvloose_noringer_bBeeM6000_L1EM22VHI
  • HLT_e5_lhvloose_noringer_bBeeM6000_L14J15
  • HLT_2e5_lhvloose_noringer_bBeeM6000_L14J15

All added chains are disabled in runHLT_standalone_newJO to avoid crash in

Also a bug in bBeeM6000 chains configuration is fixed: we should not check invariant mass of two tracks at L2 level for all overlapping electrons, not only for the BPH-0DR3-EM7J15. That leads to the changing of the counts in our default chains.

CC: @abarton @lidiaz @hrussell

Edited by Vladimir Lyubushkin

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