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EvtGen_i CMake Fix, 23.0 branch (2023.03.27.)

Removed ${Boost_INCLUDE_DIRS} and ${Boost_LIBRARIES}. Without the accompanying find_package(Boost) call, these just introduced a non-relocatable CVMFS dependency for the EvtGen_iLib library.

This issue was introduced in !61638 (merged). Not catching it there was understandable, nobody is to be blamed for that but me. However once the MR went in, the nightlies started complaining right away.


(It's all the failures in the "CPack" step.) And this PROC should've really picked up on... 😦

@averbyts, the nightly build is only complaining about this one package. But could you check if you may have made the same mistake in other packages as well? After removing find_package(Boost), you also need to remove the use of the variables that the call was setting up.

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