Migrate precision SA muon sequnce to CA

Merged Savanna Shaw requested to merge sshaw/athena:muonsaseq-ca into 23.0

Migration of SA muon precision sequences to be CA based (both RoI and full scan) as part of ATR-25086.

  • Remove the algorithmCAtoGlobalWrapper from the reco sequence and return directly a CA
  • Switch the sequences to use MenuSequenceCA instead of MenuSequnce, and update some roi/container names to be consistent with the dedicated newJO test
  • Wrap the MenuSequenceCA in the chain configuration config when we run with the legacy style configuration
  • Update the hypo alg/tool configuration for the MSonly hypo to be CA based
  • Update the control flow menu test to include the wrapping of MenuSequnceCA
  • Update SelectionCA to properly schedule the ROB prefetching algorithm when it is provided after the event view creator has been run, and before the reco sequence that contains the decoding algorihtms

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