TriggerMenuMT EventBuildingSeq: Migrating to CA and newJO (ATR-27050)

Claire Antel requested to merge cantel/athena:23.0_tmmt_eventbuild_CA into 23.0


  • Migrates EventBuildingSequence to ComponentAccumulator and make run for newJO menu.
  • Fixes config clash for oldJO (see ATR-27050?focusedComment)
  • Removes NoCAmigration exceptions (and catch thereof).

HLT configuration diffs

All diffs are related to name changing, in particular the additional suffix (_noSeed or _RoIBasedF) to distinguish between the different event builds, e.g.

                >>  only in 1st file :  ['PEBInfoWriterAlg/PEBInfoWriterAlg_PhysicsTLA']
                >>  only in 2nd file :   ['PEBInfoWriterAlg/PEBInfoWriterAlg_PhysicsTLA_noSeed']
                >>  only in 1st file :  ['PEBInfoWriterAlg/PEBInfoWriterAlg_JetPEBPhysicsTLA']
                >>  only in 2nd file :   ['PEBInfoWriterAlg/PEBInfoWriterAlg_JetPEBPhysicsTLA_RoIBasedFS']

also, renaming Sequence to mainSeq: pebSequence_AFPPEB -> pebMainSeq_AFPPEB


  • No effects: Should be same HLT configs, except for config clash fix.
  • Fixes configuration clash for old style affecting chains HLT_g3_etcut_LArPEB_L1EM3 and HLT_j25_LArPEBHLT_L1J15, as now InputMaker, RoIs and HypoAlg are uniquely named.
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