Migrate ALFA and AFP sequences to CA

Krzysztof Ciesla requested to merge kciesla/athena:23.0-forward_ca into 23.0

This MR migrates ALFA and AFP menu sequences to CA.

  • ALFAPerfSequence
  • AFPTrkSequence
  • AFPTrkRecoHypoSequence → obsolete, removed
  • AFPGlobalSequence

Tested with test_trig_data_v1lowMu_build. Config diff shows some differences, but they are mostly due to naming, e.g.:

 Component  AFPGlobalFS  only in 2nd file

 Component AFPGlobalRecoSeq only in 1st file

Component AFPGlobalSequence may differ
        Members =  ['InputMakerForRoI/IM_AFPGlobalFS', 'AthSequencer/AFPGlobalRecoSeq']  vs  ['InputMakerForRoI/IMAFPGlobalFS', 'AthSequencer/AFPGlobalFS']   <<
                >>  only in 1st file :  ['AthSequencer/AFPGlobalRecoSeq', 'InputMakerForRoI/IM_AFPGlobalFS']
                >>  only in 2nd file :   ['InputMakerForRoI/IMAFPGlobalFS', 'AthSequencer/AFPGlobalFS']
                >>  :  InputMakerForRoI/IM_AFPGlobalFS  vs  InputMakerForRoI/IMAFPGlobalFS  << at index 0
                >>  :  AthSequencer/AFPGlobalRecoSeq  vs  AthSequencer/AFPGlobalFS  << at index 1
        ModeOR = False  only in 1st file
   3 relevant differences

However it seems that all configured algorithms work properly from looking debug athena logs and rootcomp.py output:

$ rootcomp.py test_init/expert-monitoring.root test_final/expert-monitoring.root

Total histograms compared: 2140
Missing references: 0
Matching histograms: 2140
Different histograms: 0
Ignored histograms: 141

CC: @tbold

Edited by Krzysztof Ciesla

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