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Add missing plots for ACTS CKF ART test

Tim Adye requested to merge adye/athena:adye-art1 into master

Regenerate DCube config file dcube_IDPVMPlots_ACTS_CKF_ITk.xml based on the latest plots produced by InDetPhysValMonitoring. This list was then pruned of less useful plots, following the example of the earlier version of the file (based on Nora's 3 year old original). There are now 219 plots (previously 191) with the following changes:

  • add some missing plots
  • remove DeadSensors, PixelGangedHits, and dummy Helper plots.
  • Use KS test for all plots.

For the record, here is the procedure I used to create the xml from the output of an ACTS CKF job: --filesInput=ttbar_pu200/AOD.pool.root --outputFile ttbar_pu200/idpvm.root -g -c dcube_IDPVMPlots_ACTS_CKF_ITk.xml -r ttbar_pu200/idpvm.root
cat dcube_IDPVMPlots_ACTS_CKF_ITk.xml | \
grep -ve 'Helper' -e '<hist2D ' -e '_vs_mu"' -e _vs_lowpt_ -e Ganged -e Dead -e dEdx -e efficiency_vs_ptmu | \
grep -Pv '"n(Expected)?(NextTo)?InnerMostPixel\w*(Endcap|[^ai]")'

By hand, I also removed some fakerate_vs_* and vx_* plots that were produced in different branches, restored one vx_n_vs_mu that grep had pruned, and reordered some xml elements to reduce the number of spurious differences from the original.

It's certainly not perfect, but hopefully an improvement on the ancient config.

Edited by Tim Adye

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