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Fast Chain: Fixes for running simulation and pile-up digitization in a single job

John Chapman requested to merge jchapman/athena:FastChainFixes_Pt2_23.0 into 23.0

Update FastChainPileup ART jobs running simulation + pile-up digitization in a single job to correctly set the conditions IoVs.

Fix for preInclude/preExec in Legacy configuration for Fast Chain with pile-up digitization.

Switch off BCM Digitization/Overlay if using Fatras for Inner Detector simulation as Fatras does not simulate the BCM. (Also affects Fast Chain jobs running Overlay in principle.)

Ensure that the TRT Tracking Geometry is built the same way in legacy and CA-based configuration when running Fatras.

Also rename a couple of components, so that the names agree between legacy and CA-based configuration to remove some noise from configuration diffs.

Tagging @pagacova.

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