MET Trigger Monitoring updates in line with 2023 menu,

Merged Holly Pacey requested to merge hpacey/athena:HollyDev230328 into 23.0

Updates to MET Trigger monitoring for 2023

  • removing some outdated L1 gFEX/jFEX plots from Expert folder that didn't properly show the latest versions, correct editions exist in the Shifter folder still.
  • Update hanConfig to also remove these plots.
  • Moving to L1XE55 in Presel folder, for chain plots and for L1_roi plots.
  • Adding 3rd primary chain plot for new nnmet default chain to help validate.
  • Adding phi plot for L1 variables to help debug any hotspot/spike issues. Tagging @jwuerzin, @ebergeas for info.

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