Adding anti-bb tagger DL1dbb and gn1+bb test chains

A new training of the anti-bb-jet tagger DL1dbb20230314 trained on mc21 samples for the trigger, and its working points are added to the HLT bjet code. The old version of the tagger DL1bb20220331 trained on mc16 samples have been removed.

3 new test chains containing DL1dbb have been added to the Run 3 dev menu: HLT_j80c_020jvt_j55c_020jvt_j28c_020jvt_j20c_020jvt_SHARED_2j20c_020jvt_bgn182bb96_pf_ftf_presel2c20XX2c20b85_L1J45p0ETA21_3J15p0ETA25 HLT_j80c_020jvt_j55c_020jvt_j28c_020jvt_j20c_020jvt_SHARED_2j20c_020jvt_bgn177bb96_pf_ftf_presel2c20XX2c20b85_L1J45p0ETA21_3J15p0ETA25 HLT_j80c_020jvt_j55c_020jvt_j28c_020jvt_j20c_020jvt_SHARED_2j20c_020jvt_bgn175bb90_pf_ftf_presel2c20XX2c20b85_L1J45p0ETA21_3J15p0ETA25

The old chains containing DL1d and mc16 version of DL1dbb have been removed.

The following tests have been successfully ran:

  • 3 out of the 4 -m -j4 ( failed at CountRefComp since new chains have been added, and no references to be generated and compared to)
  • ctest -j4

Note: this should close ATR-26380 (automatically, via gitlab magic!)

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