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ATR-26605 Switch to CA for test using Trig_reco_tf

Mark Stockton requested to merge mark/athena:23-trfCA into 23.0

Follows on from Trig_reco_tf moving to RAWtoALL !62043 (merged)

Mimics the changes by @martindl in !62052 (merged) (ATR-27224) but now for

Draft as waiting for one nightly with both of the above changes, and need to rerun locally as being blocked by issues I believe have been solved in the last few days (IDMon) Nightly tests ran RAWtoALL fine in r2023-04-04, and local tests also fine with this release and the updates here so marking as ready.

@tnobe, @carquin - hopefully will be able to confirm that we can also launch a trigger reprocessing in CA (won't need this MR merged to add that to the AMI tag) -> also being tested in ATR-27016

Edited by Mark Stockton

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