jFEX input data and TOB decoders created now a histogram and solve ATR-27246

Sergi Rodriguez Bosca requested to merge serodrig/athena:JFexMonHLT_2.0 into 23.0

This MR is meant to solve one problem at tier 0 described here: ATR-27246

One error has been masked as a DEBUG, experts are investigating the issue now. There is also a warning that has been reported, that is also masked as a DEBUG to not create noise.

Additionally, the JO now creates a Histogram when runHLT flag is set to True. This will allow to display the histogram in the ATLAS partition histogram display allowing the expert to see on the fly is there is any problem in the decoders, instead of printing the corresponding string.

Tagging also @rhowen and @landon to be aware of this HLT monitoring change

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