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Update FTAG PhysVal script for ROC

Thomas Strebler requested to merge tstreble/athena:FTAG_PHYSVAL_ART into 23.0

Follow up to !61955 (merged), required to fix CampaignsARTTests:

  • reintroduce configurable arguments for Draw_PhysVal_btagROC
  • add jetType as configurable arguments + keep support for EMTopo for Upgrade
  • simplify histogram names declaration
  • fix output directory creation
  • update to actually write the histograms to the output file
  • solve Root compilation warnings
  • fix indentation
  • minor updates to CampaignsARTTests configs

Labelled as urgent to restore failing CampaignsARTTests asap.

FYI @ligang @bdong @ywng @jcrosby @dshope @jmasik

Edited by Thomas Strebler

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