AthenaMonitoring: don't rebuild PFlow jets nor MET when running over cosmics AOD


This MR is preventing PFlow jet rebuilding and MET rebuilding in AthenaMonitoringAODRecoCfg when running over cosmics AOD, as discussed in ATLASRECTS-7588 and ATLASRECTS-6969. PFlow jet reconstruction shouldn't run for cosmics. Similarly, taus are not reconstructed for cosmics because Antikt4LCTopo seed jets are not reconstructed either, and MET rebuilding currently complains that taus are missing. I would let MET experts comment whether we can selectively ignore taus, but for the time being I disabled the whole MET rebuilding. Tagging @schaarsc , @mswiatlo and @mhodgkin .

In addition, I disabled the HLT jet monitoring for two trigger ART tests running over cosmics data (and scheduling offline monitoring), as the monitoring requires the existence of offline PFlow jets. Maybe this is something that could be revisited, if problematic. Tagging @cantel , @xingguo .

Cheers, Bertrand

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