ATR-27270: jet/b-jet trigger physics menu downshift

Merged Dan Guest requested to merge menu-hackathon/athena:thresholds into 23.0

This adds new chains for which the jet trigger threshold is moved down by about 6% for almost every lowest unprescaled primary jet and b-jet trigger for Physics_pp_Run3 menu. This in preparation of a small-R PFlow jet calibration update at HLT, which improves the HLT jet pT response and resolution but jets incur a ~6% downwards shift in response (HLT jets formerly overcorrected).

Affects trigger counts: Expect higher trigger rate from new chains with current HLT jet calibration.

This was done via a python script by Dan has in gitlab: it just adds another otherwise identical menu item with a #downshift comment appended. Pinging @khoo, @cantel, @lbeemste, @lshi, @cpollard.

Duplicate of !62353 (closed), from a common branch. @lbeemste will have to re-add emojis.

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