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Migrate MuFast trigger sequences to MenuSequenceCA

Savanna Shaw requested to merge sshaw/athena:l2sa-menuseqca into 23.0

Migration of all the MuFast menu sequences to use MenuSequnceCA (ATR-25084):

  • Add a CA based configuration for the chain filter alg
  • Add a CA based config for the muFastHypoAlg
  • Update some container names in the purely CA based configuration to be consistent with what we have in the legacy configuration
  • Change the MuFast reco and alg sequences to return a CA directly
  • Switch the sequences to use the selectionCA and InViewReco for the inputmaker, etc, and return the MenuSequenceCA as the final sequence instead of the legacy MenuSequence
  • Add the wrapper around the MenuSequenceCA when we still run in the legacy mode

cc @yoyamagu for info

Also removed TMEF_TrkMaterialProviderTool configuration fragment since it's not used anywhere (not really related to the rest of the MR, but I otherwise keep forgetting to take it out).

Edited by Savanna Shaw

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