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B-physics trigger: add new dimuon bBmux_BdmuDstarX chains for R(D*) measurement (ATR-27341)

Vladimir Lyubushkin requested to merge lyubushk/athena:bBmux2 into 23.0
  1. add new chains R(D*) measurement (minor changes in TrigBmumuxComboHypoTool):
  • 'HLT_2mu4_bBmux_BdmuDstarX_L12MU3V'
  • 'HLT_2mu4_bBmux_BdmuDstarX_L1BPH-7M11-25DR99-2MU3VF'
  • 'HLT_2mu4_bBmux_BdmuDstarX_L1BPH-7M14-0DR25-MU5VFMU3VF'
  • 'HLT_mu6_mu4_bBmux_BdmuDstarX_L1BPH-7M14-0DR25-MU5VFMU3VF'
  • 'HLT_mu11_mu6_bBmux_BdmuDstarX_L1MU8VF_2MU5VF'
  1. adopt Bmumux/Bmux ComboHypo to efficient use of SuperRoI: no track merging is needed
  2. more accurate procedure for muon overlap removal

All bBmumux/bBmux chains can be affected. But the changes are expected to be small.

CC: @abarton @gladilin @lidiaz

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