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TriggerMenuMT: reduce verbosity in menu building

Frank Winklmeier requested to merge fwinkl/athena:fwinkl_20230419T191229 into 23.0

Demote the following printouts to DEBUG:

Py:TriggerMenuMT:ChainMerging    INFO [serial_zip] HLT_2e24_lhvloose_g50_loose_probe_L12eEM24L has number of empty sequences 1 and empty legs in stepDicts 1

Py:TriggerMenuMT:GenerateMenuMT    INFO The empty step(s) and associated chain(s) are: ...

Also replace the doBonusDebug with verbose logging and make sure to always use lazy string formatting in logging calls.

This reduces the size of the log file by several MB.

Closes ATR-26874.

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