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RkPropagator : Fix cppcheck warning

This is actually a bugfix

  • Ping @ssnyder whose cppcheck found this one (!62519 (closed) was an attempt but has the "wrong" return if the 1st has succeeded and we did not need the 2nd step)

  • When this bug was introduced last month , it passed FT0 tests ...

  • Let me ping @jmaurer @strichte . I would hope it passes also today but maybe things changed ...

  • Strictly speaking (although we might see no diff) the bug should have broken FT0 and so the fix might also do and therefore is "FT0 changing"

The original/fixed version will do

  • one step.
  • Then if this succeeds and further conditions are met will try a second and return that,
  • otherwise the result of the 1st step is returned.
Edited by Christos Anastopoulos

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