HLT Monitoring DB reading and access

Joerg Stelzer requested to merge stelzer/athena:23.0-MonGroupsAthenaUpdate into 23.0

The HLTMonitoring structure is hosted in the TriggerDB and still needed a variety of C++ software to be fully accessible. Some code in python also needed improvement.

This MR provides the following

In C++

  • A DB loader class in TrigConfIO that reads the json data from the DB
  • A method HLTMonitoring::load() that extracts the information from the json structure and fill internal data structure for easier access
  • Access functions for signatures, monitoring targets, and chains to be monitored
  • Add HLT monitoring to TriggerMenuRW (standalone executable to read from DB or a file)

In python

  • Change the two-query access to single query access, ensuring that the latest HLT Mon entry is loaded
  • Add HLT monitoring to TriggerMenuRW.py (standalone executable to read from DB or a file)
  • Fix broken printout for the L1 Menu

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