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Update to LCG_102b_ATLAS_19 to pick up HepMC3 3.2.6 (ATEAM-904)

John Derek Chapman requested to merge jchapman/athena:HepMC3_3.2.6_master into master

Update from LCG_102b_ATLAS_17 to LCG_102b_ATLAS_19 SPI-2340 to move from HepMC3 3.2.4 to HepMC3 3.2.6 (ATEAM-904). We expect this to be transparent (optimizations only), but testing in master first before considering updating the HepMC3 version in 23.0.

The ReadHepEvtFromAscii algorithm does not compile with HepMC3 3.2.6 (@ewelina has confirmed that it is already broken anwayay). We aren't quite ready to drop it completely from the repo, so for now it is suppressed from HepMC3-based builds using preprocessor commands. NB The HepMCReadFromFile algorithm provides all the same functionality anyway.

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