Update of Trigger metadata reading (focus on HLTMonitoring)

Merged Joerg Stelzer requested to merge stelzer/athena:23.0-MonGroupMetadata into 23.0

Several features of the Trigger metadata reading were added to the python code

In-file meta data

  • Tools/PyUtils/python/MetaReader.py: for the trigger objects the key and name are now taken from the TriggerMenuJson object and are added as a new metadata entry
metadata['TriggerConfigInfo'] = {
   'HLT': {'key': 3205, 'name': 'PhysicsP1_pp_run3_v1'},
   'HLTPS': {'key': 4850, 'name': 'PhysicsP1_pp_run3_v1'},
   'L1': {'key': 3205, 'name': 'Physics_pp_run3_v1'},
   'L1PS': {'key': 5271, 'name': 'Physics_pp_run3_v1'}
  • Trigger/TrigConfiguration/TrigConfigSvc/python/TriggerConfigAccess.py
    • Add wrapper function to db keys from in-file metdata
    • HLTMonitoringAccess implements access to in-file metadata
      • If not available, then use SMK from HLTMenu in-file and HLTMon info from TriggerDB
      • If also not available (early 2022), provide dummy HLTMon info

DB reading

  • Trigger/TrigConfiguration/TrigConfIO/python/TriggerConfigAccessBase.py: DB queries can now contain
    • multiple selected fields (before only a single value was possible)
    • variable binding
    • cleaner handling of "ORDER BY" clause

Extension of HLTMonitoringAccess

  • Trigger/TrigConfiguration/TrigConfIO/python/HLTTriggerConfigAccess.py
    • Provide access to monLevels

Needed for ATR-26093

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