New NSW container to dump the trigger processor

Merged Johannes Junggeburth requested to merge jojungge/athena:NSWTriggerCont into 23.0

Moin moin everybody,

this merge request is a joint project with @pscholer. It adds the infrastructure to save the data sent by the sTgc trigger processor into our ESDs. The developments are urgently needed for the commissioning of the sTGC pad trigger.

@jmaurer, @strichte: We will need a reference file update. Shall I run q449 in advance once this is ready?

Tagging: @jcatmore, @nstyles, @marijam, @christos, @mhodgkin for information as it frozen-tier0-violating and we'd like to ask this merge request to be included in the next release deployed at tier0

Tagging: @pgadow, @goblirsc, @sroe, @estel, @sangelid, @ozormpa, @tuna, @sfrances, @stefanov, @pfleisch, @hgray, @jferrand, @sabidi, @joroemer & our well admired friend the @atlasbot

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