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Cleaning and adding comments to ITkStripClusterOnTrackTool

Noemi Calace requested to merge ncalace/athena:master-check-gx2-error into master

This MR addresses cleaning up of the ITkStripClusterOnTrackTool. Parts of code implementing the position correction inherited from SCT_ClusterOnTrackTool have been removed, as well as error strategies requiring the use of hard-coded values, evaluated again for the SCT detector. Comments to the code are also added to document all steps in the rotation and scaling of the covariance term for endcap clusters on track.

This change seems to slightly affect quantities related to pulls and residuals for clusters on track, as expected, with no or negligible effect on other tracking quantities (test done with 10 ttbar events):

FYI: @nstyles, @goblirsc, @pagessin, @tstreble, @lgagnon

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