Change ptMinToTopo threshold for HI by flag

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I started here on the changes to the ptMinForTopo in HI runs. The mechanism works in principle but there are various issues to be resolved:

  • This breaks at least for eEM because there are topo algorithms defined with a min threshold of 3 which is lower than the target 8
    • legacy EM is now disabled, so this has to be solved
    • the right threshold for eEM might not be precisely 8
    • so to answer: do we need to raise it for Phase-1?
      • No we don't
  • In principle, we pass the relevant flag in all the cases where it is currently needed, and not elsewhere. However, the getTypeWideThresholdConfig() function is called from a few places where it would be much less easy to propagate the flags. It would be more robust to make sure wherever the function is called a consistent config is returned.
  • The exact values should be confirmed for the Phase-1 objects

As far as CI/ART tests are concerned, once properly implemented this flag probably should not break anything. For ART I enabled it only for HI tests, not for low-mu.

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