Update the trigger centrally managed reference (express) to run 452028 [ATR-27569]

Merged Elin Bergeaas Kuutmann requested to merge ebergeas/athena:update-trigger-t0-ref into 23.0

This change will make run 452028 the centrally managed reference for the trigger (express stream). The change will affect L1Calo, L1CT, L1Topo and all HLT signatures except muon, which keep the old trigger reference (due to a monitoring bug in rel 23.0.28 which was used to process this run).

Test webdisplay:

Please note that in DataQuality/DataQualityConfigurations/config/HLT/HLTmuon/collisions_run.config there are some instances of outcommented old code. This is kept, because we hope we will be able to restore this soon.

Notifying DQ coordinators @sara , @ytakubo and trig ops coordinators @shanisch , @cmerlass

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