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Draft: Add first test of writing Acts containers, and ActsTrk::VectorTrackContainer...

Edward Moyse requested to merge emoyse/athena:add-persistency-test into main

Add first test of writing Acts containers, and ActsTrk::VectorTrackContainer and ActsTrkTemp::TrackContainer Migrated clients to use ActsTrk::VectorTrackContainer and ActsTrkTemp::TrackContainer

The reason I have something inside an unconventional namespace (ActsTrkTemp) is because in !62338 (merged) @adye added:

  using TrackContainer = Acts::TrackContainer<Acts::VectorTrackContainer, Acts::VectorMultiTrajectory, Acts::detail::ValueHolder>;
  using ConstTrackContainer = Acts::TrackContainer<Acts::ConstVectorTrackContainer, Acts::ConstVectorMultiTrajectory, Acts::detail::ValueHolder>;

which uses the Acts backends whereas I need to use the Athena backends in order for persistency to work.

(I'll keep this Draft for now, since we'll discuss the Acts EDM this week)

cc @pagessin @ncalace @adye @cvarni

Pinging also ATLIDTRKCP-460, since the TrackContainer change was discussed there.

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