Updating VP1 to visualise ITk geometry

Noemi Calace requested to merge ncalace/athena:master-vp1-geo-itk into master

Self-explanatory title.

To test it:

Reco_tf.py --CA \
--preInclude "InDetConfig.ConfigurationHelpers.OnlyTrackingPreInclude" \
--inputRDOFile /cvmfs/atlas-nightlies.cern.ch/repo/data/data-art/InDetPhysValMonitoring/inputs/ATLAS-P2-RUN4-01-01-00_ttbar_mu200.RDO.root \
--outputAODFile AOD.test.root \
--steering doRAWtoALL \
--maxEvents 1 \
--postExec 'from VP1Algs.VP1AlgsConf import VP1Alg; from AthenaConfiguration.ComponentFactory import CompFactory; cfg.addEventAlgo(CompFactory.VP1Alg("VP1"))'

@rbianchi @nstyles @tadej

NB: You can only use VP1 scheduling the algorithm via transform postExec, as it require CA fully working to run with ITk.

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