AnalysisTop: Add UFO large-R jet calibration pre-recommendations

This MR implements the recently released R22 UFO jet calibration pre-recommendations in AnalysisTop. The current pre-recommendation status is summarised here. Simultaneously, large-R jet calibration code left-over from R21 for LCTopo and TCC jets is removed.

As no large-R jet uncertainty prescriptions are available yet for R22, the related tools are disabled in this MR, while several warnings about the non-availability of large-R jet uncertainties are implemented.

The list of supported large-R jet taggers in AnalysisTop has been updated to the current setups listed for R21, where code-breaking taggers have been removed. This is just intended to retain tagger functionalities for now - the R21 taggers should not be used for anything except testing purposes!

This MR addresses ANALYSISTO-1316.

Edited by Chris Scheulen

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