Fixing HI reconstruction

Petr Balek requested to merge pbalek/athena:fix-ATLASRECTS-7632 into 23.0

Several fixes for HI reconstruction in order to fix legacy and CA code:

  • use correct HIEventShape containers; they are consistent for HIGlobal, HIJet, and HIEgamma; n.b. that HISubtractedCellMakerTool now uses "HIEventShape_iter_egamma" instead of "HIEventShape"
  • "HIClusters" is in plural (fix for ATLASRECTS-7632)
  • track jet constituent has a name HITrack and thus the output container name will be AntiKt4HITrackJets instead of AntiKt4TrackJets
  • remove CA HI jets from CA HI egamma reconstruction. This requires the flag HeavyIon.doJet to be true, if we'd like to reconstruct HI egamma ortherwise there won't be the appropriate HIEventShape container. Technically, this is not guaranteed so one has to be careful. The reason is that the legacy egamma code wraps CA egamma reco, that contains CA HI egamma, and that used to contain CA HI jets. However, legacy HI jets didn't like CA HI jets to be included in the same job. (Once the legacy support is dropped, we can reinclude it.)

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Closes ATLASRECTS-7632

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