Make FlowElement container name adjustments more generalised.

When adding a new jet configuration which produces containers with names such as GlobalParticleFlowObjects_noElectrons I found the jet software crashes due to problems with downstream container names.

It seems the c++ assumed that "ParticleFlowObjects" is always at the end of the FlowElement container name string, which is not true in this case. This MR makes the c++ more general to cope with the string being anywhere in the name. Could jet sw experts comment on whether this restriction was by design or whether there was no intent to restrict the names of FlowElement shallow copy containers?

I ran locally and the ESD content did not change. I also verified that AntiKt4EMPFlow, AntiKt10UFOCSSKSoftDrop and AntiKt10Truth all run ok after this change. Are there any other tests I should do?

Making draft for now until I get feedback from jet sw experts.



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