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Avoid overlap between BeampipeFwdCut and DeadMaterial G4PhysicsRegions (ATLASSIM-6426)

In ATLASSIM-6426 it was noted that the "BeampipeFwdCut" and "DeadMaterial" G4PhysicsRegions contained some of the same volumes:

  • The overlap for Run1 geometries was ['BeamPipe::SectionF47', 'BeamPipe::SectionF48']
  • The overlap for Run2/3/4 geometries was ['BeamPipe::SectionF198', 'BeamPipe::SectionF199']

Removing the overlap was validated in ATLPHYSVAL-938 and found not to affect the physics output of the simulation (the simulation output for individual events may change though), so in this merge request we adjust the "DeadMaterial" G4PhysicsRegion configuration to avoid the overlap from the outset.

(Expect changes in simulation output.)

Tagging @mbandier, @tlari

Edited by John Derek Chapman

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