Switch to LCG_102b_ATLAS_21

Ewelina Maria Lobodzinska requested to merge ewelina-master-patch-44070 into master

Switched all projects to LCG_102b_ATLAS_21. The new LCG layer comes with (https://lcginfo.cern.ch/compare_releases/x86_64-centos7-gcc11-opt/102b_ATLAS_19/102b_ATLAS_21):

  • flake8 6.0.0
  • mccabe 0.7.0
  • pyflakes 3.0.1
  • pycodestyle 2.10.0
  • Rivet 3.1.8
  • MG 3.5.0
  • fixed H7

At the same time updated to atlasexternals-2.0.156, which is needed for LCG_102b_ATLAS_21 compatibility.

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